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Toasties - Pre-Rolled Cannabis

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Caliva Toasties "Classics" 5-Pack

These low-dose solos are filled with pure cannabis for a simply smooth smoke, every time. With low THC, Toasties are made to be mellow, and their discreet, cigarette-style appearance makes using them mellow, too. Sometimes you just want things to be easy; throw these in your purse or pocket and toast, chill, repeat. Five (5) filtered, low-dose solos | ~0.5 g each


$21 is not for the pre-rolls, it's for registration and membership to gain access to local members events, products and specials as well as events.


Pre-Roll questions:

How many grams is a normal pre roll?

Typically in most legal cannabis marketplaces across the US joints, known as pre-rolls in dispensaries, are sold in a 5-pack containing 3.5 grams of cannabis. That is roughly 0.7 grams per joint, and almost right on the High Times estimation.Aug 10, 2016

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Pre Rolls
Shake often can be of low quality if it's dry—usually the result of jars sitting out too long—or if it contains stems and bits of leaves. And sometimes shake from various strains can be combined when making pre-rolls (sometimes called mystery or rainbow rolls).