True Humboldt - Humboldt California Cannabis Company

True Humboldt - Humboldt California Cannabis Company

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True Humboldt
This coalition of farmers from the Emerald Triangle recognizes the importance of having a direct relationship with the consumer, so they put their weed into large professional, custom printed flexible packaging, using foil and spot gloss UV for visual pop. True Humboldt also provides dispensaries with branded eighths and quarter sized flexible bags to send their sungrown cannabis home with the happy consumer. You won’t forget where those tasty nugs came from, even after smoking or dabbing it! With potential cannabis appellations on the horizon, this is a smart move by True Humboldt that could positively influence the entire industry.

Sustainably Cultivated on Small Farms in Humboldt County, our brand is supported by over 200 farmers. All of our products are tested for Pesticides, Microbiologicals, Terpenes and Potency to ensure that only clean, safe medicine reaches patients. 

True Humboldt is available for Humboldt Sun Growers Guild and at many dispensaries and delivery services throughout the state of California.