Auntie Dolores - CBD - Treats
Auntie Dolores - CBD - Treats
Auntie Dolores - CBD - Treats

Auntie Dolores - CBD - Treats

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Auntie Dolores - CBD - Treats 

It’s been exciting to watch the design evolution of this brand, from stock stand-up pouches with labels and traditional flexible packaging to beautifully produced paperboard canisters. The pastel color palette pops off the stark, bold, black and white background resulting in a professional and playful refreshed image, while at the same time better protecting the edibles within. I’m not against flexible packaging, but this design move was a sensational way to elevate the brand and say loud-and-clear, “We’re Auntie Dolores and we’re here to stay!”


In 2008, Auntie Dolores began creating infused gourmet foods in San Francisco ~ the birthplace of the medical cannabis movement. The name, conceived in Dolores Park, has significance beyond the person and the place. In Latin, Dolore means Pain, and as it would be Auntie Dolores is the remedy: Anti-Pain. We seek to improve the quality of life for health conscious cannabis consumers by providing broad access to safe alternatives and to educate the public about the therapeutic value of cannabis.




To us, health freedom is the right to choose how we heal our bodies and our minds. For those of us who have an intimate relationship with the plant, we know the profound impact cannabis can have on our physical and psychological wellbeing. Founded on the core principle of compassion, it is our privilege and our responsibility to advocate for patients and to be a reliable source for information and access.


Food is fuel. While many edibles are made with ingredients that are carcinogenic, fattening and unhealthy, we go to great lengths to eliminate these substances. By keeping the needs of diet-restricted consumers in mind, and packing in superfood ingredients and whole-plant extracted cannabinoids, we create edibles that are not only good, but good for you.


Every ingredient matters ~ not just the cannabis. We craft our edibles with care for every palate and preference. Whenever possible, ingredients are created in-house for an unmatched homemade flavor. Innovative product development results in a truly gourmet experience.


We recognize that a broad range of individuals consume cannabis in the form of edibles. Accurate labeling practices that are supplemented by potency and microbial screenings, from reputable labs, ensure that all consumers will receive a consistent and safe experience. Consumer education is also key to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Armed with scientific knowledge, we empower consumers to take charge of their health responsibly.


Ingredients and packaging should contribute to environmental sustainability. We do our part to eliminate waste and work with environmentally conscious suppliers. Our product canisters are recyclable or can be creatively upcycled (reused).


Self-regulation is key to operating a sustainable cannabis business. In lieu of government regulations, we implement standards to ensure our products are responsibly produced. We participate in legislative committees to advocate for cannabis regulations that will ensure product safety, closed-loop distribution, and revenue collection for the state that will provide resources to social programs and furthering cannabis research.

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.

~ Hippocrates