Mendo Cannabis Farms

Precision Farms 707

Precision707 Farms strives to provide the highest quality sungrown strains, utilizing sustainable techniques. Our goal is that each jar creates the most superb experience. 

Redtail Ranch

Located in the hills of Northern Mendocino at 2,300 feet, we've been developing our farmstead since 1975. Apples, pears, cherries, wine grapes and a small mix of other fruits, veggies and herbs. Our eyes have long been on improving the land while producing the healthiest products possible. Health and enjoyment to you and the planet. 

Redwood Remedies

Our family farm is nestled in a pristine southern Mendocino river valley. From here, we passionately cultivate the highest quality organically grown cannabis flower. 

seed & star

Our Biodynamic cannabis is grown under sun, moon and stars, using farm-sourced composts, working with the elements to create the purist flowers. Biodynamic practices integrate scientific understanding with recognition of spirit in nature. 

Slow Moves Farm

Abiding by the pace of nature, we combine horticultural diligence with respect of life’s beautiful chaos to bring forth excellent cannabis that maintains its connection to its pre-agricultural roots. 

Sol Grow

We dedicate our love and care for the optimal health and yield of our beautiful ladies from germination to harvest. Our farm is 100% organic and peacefully solar powered. 

South Slope Farms

South Slope Farms is a member of Emerald Grown, a Mendocino County cannabis agricultural cooperative built to keep the value of the plant within their community. 

Sun Spire Farms

Sun Spire Farms is a member of Emerald Grown, a Mendocino County cannabis agricultural cooperative built to keep the value of the plant within their community. 

Swami Select

Ganja Ma Gardens is located in the heart of The Emerald Triangle, cozily situated in a private valley in the Mendocino mountains. It is part of a spiritual sanctuary and homestead, where we are blessed to live off grid with solar power, spring water, creeks and pond, organic garden, old growth Doug Fir and Oak trees and several sacred sites. 

TSO Farms

Your experience elevated. Reflecting the unique terroir of its environment, TSO Sonoma curates organically sun grown cannabis to the highest standard of purity and quality. 

Villa Paradiso

Thirty years, two generations. Full season from seed. We 're off the grid in an amazing location, climate and community in Southern Humboldt.  

Water Dog Herb Farm

Water Dog Herb Farm is a Biodynamic Medicinal Herb Farm nestled in the majestic mountains of Mendocino County. We are an off grid homestead focused on regenerative agricultural models.  

Woodman Peak Farms

Nestled amid the meadows, forests, and streams above Mendocino’s majestic Long Valley, we cultivate cannabis using practices that nurture and respect the land we call home.  

Alpenglow Farms

25 Years. Toward the fine art of growing a garden and a family in the mountains of Southern Humboldt County California.  

Angry Bunny Ranch

In the heart of sun-soaked Mendocino County, Angry Bunny Ranch is a 40-acre farm producing Clean Green Certified medicinal cannabis, vegetables, dried flowers, and fruit. Biodiversity and ecological land stewardship are essential to our operation. 

Beija Flor

Our ultimate goal is to achieve harmony between the earth and our plants producing flowers cultivated with compassion and protection for the land we call home. 

Briceland Forest Farm

We are an award winning diversified family farm using regenerative permaculture techniques to grow cannabis & veggies in native soil in the Humboldt coastal hills terroir.  

Brother Bee Farms

In devoting ourselves to the plants, we take our cues from them. We grow and adapt alongside one another enabling us to share a healing and vital medicine. 

Catalyst Unlimited

Catalyst Unlimited Farm prides itself in our homemade compost that feeds our soil mixes to better nourish our plants. We are a small farm located in Humboldt County. 


We believe in active soil mycology, full sun, full season, vibrant plants. Unique strains personally bred to highlight flavor, depth and aroma.

Covelo Seed & Scion